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  • Bonita Conservative Club

    Conservative Club members enjoy each other's company

  • Fight For Your Rights

    When one man's rights are questioned, the rights of every man 
    are diminished. Your rights give you a voice; use it wisely.

  • Make America Great Again

    Keep America Great!

  • Trump Endorses Ron Desantis

    Florida governor gets endorsement from President Donald Trump

  • Protocols of Debate

    We can create the best debate platform

  • Learn Leadership

    Service When someone recognizes their desire to serve, heed their 
    calling to lead and mustering the confidence to participate, 
    Leadership emerges as a potent force.


Seek To Preserve Our Institutions

Over the past 20 years, our country has become increasingly polarized. It's gotten to the point people can't have a civil conversation with anyone who disagrees.

At Bonita Conservative Club, we try and bring focus to civil and logical conversations based on tried and tested protocols. The simple fact is that on a fair platform, truth wins and on an unfair platform, lies get the upper hand.

*Disclaimer: The content on this website is not created by Bonita Conservative Club or any of its affiliates. The content is generated by the public. If there is anything that should not be there, please contact us as soon as possible.

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Protocols of Debate

These techniques have been put to the test, and we've achieved great results.


Stay up to date with the activities we've planned for you!

Parental Control Of Your School Board

Parental control is crucial in school boards to limit leftist influence in today's morally bankrupt society. Running your school board with morality and ethics is a laudable objective, but it's also essential for future generations.

To make America a great nation, we must understand how to concentrate on the future success of our children. You may thus construct a fair and balanced board in your school community as a result of this training.


Campaign Planning

In crucial ways, everyday people contributed to the establishment of our country. Nowadays, regular people are seeking to maintain the status quo for the sake of their communities and are always willing to help out. For this, we give our volunteers extensive training and support you in achieving your objectives.

Integrity Of Elections

It's important to know about election integrity that what we do know and how can we protect our civil rights. Of course, you have the right to vote and can easily participate in fair and free elections.

Get Freedom Of Voting

Most Americans believe that votes in the upcoming midterm elections will be cast and counted accurately (34%) or somewhat confident (29%). 

Take A New Step Towards a Change

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Trump Republican Club

Event :

You'll get a chance to connect with Republican causes. 

Bonita Springs

  • 09/11/2022
  • 10:09 AM

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Women's Republican Club

Event :

There's no involvement of any organization or political party.

Bonita Springs

  • 01/15/2023
  • 08:17 AM

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It's time for conservatives to come out of hiding. We've been silenced for far too long and now we, here in Bonita Springs are going to have our own platform to communicate with each other and disseminate information far and wide.

Located In a Bonita Springs

We thank you for joining our team! We encourage those who spread hopefulness and are eager to build Conservative Prosperity.



An excellent forum for empirical and theoretical study on how company tactics and government policies interact is business and politics.

David Baron

We began working with bonitaconservative right before the Covid-19 pandemic. There probably couldn't have been a more stressful time. As we watched in horror with every lie from the liberals prompting one failed policy after another, we knew this site had to be created. Phoney Fauci, Billy Gates, virtually all mainstream media and tech giants all conspiring against the American people to rig elections and covering it up, propping up more liberals in our government to further perpetuate the cycle. We need to do more than complain. Let's get together.

Phil Montague

Conservative Champion